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How Can Tear-Top Pouches Increase My Sales?

  • Client:

    Dietary supplement and exercise nutrition companies that are looking for shelf-stable, portable, convenient, portion-sized packaging for customers who need a daily-dose supplement or as part of an exercise nutrition program.

  • Our Role:

    Cascata offers clients one of the most popular flexible packaging formats in the industry, utilizing efficient equipment to produce consistent product that meets or exceeds customer expectations. The contiguous closed production system sets the industry standard for quality by eliminating product exposure between batching and filling.

How Can Tear-Top Pouches
Increase My Sales?

Pouch Convenience Drives Consumption

Convenience and portability enable consumers to take tear-top pouches with them and consume on the go. Tear notch provides quick, easy opening. Single-serve size facilitates portion control which can prevent spoilage or waste by having to refrigerate unused portion or throw it away. Tear-top is easy to store and takes up less space. Single-serve also facilitates trials/sampling leading to greater consumer adoption of product.

Tear-Top Convenience

Tear-Top Pouch Efficiency Drives Higher Margins

Flexible packaging can result in an overall packaging cost reduction of 40%+ as compared to rigid formats such as plastic (Fres-co). Flexible packaging also dramatically reduces the overall weight of the product. One food product company who transitioned from a glass jar to a pouch was able to decrease their product weight by nearly 95%. As the company discovered, “We’ve saved a lot in shipping costs alone.” (Flair, 2014)

40 percent less packaging cost

New Consumption Scenarios

Flexible packaging enables you to access new “consumption scenarios” or new opportunities for consumers to consume your product because the packaging size, format, and delivery mechanism facilitates consumption. For example, if you are currently in a rigid glass or plastic bottle, a single-serve 1.0 to 2.0-ounce tear-top version of your product enables consumers to carry a version of your product with them that is more conducive for snacking, quick energy, or an in-between meal boost.